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Colonel Carter,Shepard and Major Davis Find a way to defend Earth From the Wraith Z.P.M Powered Hive


The Deadalus Attacks The Wriath Hive Ship

"Todd" informs the Atlantis Expedition that a rogue group of Wraith have acquired Zero Point Module to power a formidable new Hive Ship, and wants it destroyed. However, after the Daedalus is disabled, they learn that the ship is heading straight for Earth, and they must stop it before it gets there.

Todd contacts Atlantis and reveals that a Wraith subordinate ("Kenny") has mutinied and managed to use a Zero Point Module, acquired during the destruction of Asuras, to power a formidable new hive ship. He urges Woolsey to attack and destroy it before it becomes a threat to Atlantis. Onboard the Daedalus, Colonel Caldwell, Colonel Sheppard and the rest of the team rush to engage the new Hive ship. But the Z.P.M. powered vessel proves itself an impressive opponent, crippling the Daedalus before making a sudden and inexplicable jump into hyperspace.

Puzzled over the Wraith's sudden departure, Kavanagh onboard the Daedalus picks up a weak subspace signal in Wraith code. McKay is quick to recognize that the communique was sent, through subspace, from another reality. Once deciphered, their worst fears are realized: the Wraith message contains a familiar set of coordinates -- the hive ship is on its way to Earth! Rodney is able to calculate where the hive ship will drop out of hyperspace before reaching Earth, of which they can notify Stargate Command via Atlantis once the communications array is repaired.

The team returns to Atlantis once the Daedalus' engines are repaired, but are dismayed to learn from a video transmission sent by Colonel Ellis that both Earth's starships, the Apollo and the new Sun Tzu, have failed miserably to stop the Wraith ship, with the Apollo, in bad shape herself, taking on crew from the crippled Sun Tzu. Sheppard interrogates Todd for the location of more ZPMs, which Lorne and his team are able to locate; Atlantis, now with her full complement of three ZPMs, will return to Earth in a last-ditch effort to defend it. Sheppard expects to be the one flying the city, but he is informed by Woolsey that he will be returning to Earth. The task of flying the City ship then falls to Carson Beckett.

Atlantis In Hyperspace

Carson launches the city and Sheppard returns to Earth via the Stargate, alone, to command the Ancient weapons platform at GeneralO'Neill's request. Back on Earth, Colonel Samantha Carter is temporarily in charge of Stargate Command, and Major Davis informs Sheppard that the Wraith ship has arrived shockingly earlier than anticipated and is now on the other side of the moon, sitting still and doing nothing. Sheppard is able to convince Carter and Davis to let him lead a squadron of F-302s refitted with nukes,which are diverted to intercept Wraith darts sent to destroy the Ancient weapons chair (which had relocated to Area 51), in advance of the main Wraith attack. The attack succeeds and with the chair destroyed, Earth is defenseless; Sheppard volunteers to go on a suicide mission to destroy the hive ship from the inside with the nuke onboard his F-302.

F 302's Fight Wraith Darts

Meanwhile, I.O.A. dignitaries prepare to escape Earth to the Alpha site (to whom Major Davis quips as "courageous to the end") but discovers the Wraith have overridden Earth's gate. At the very edge of the Milky Waygalaxy, Atlantis's hyperdrive disengages due to overtaxing. Woolsey tries to dial Earth, only to find that it has dialed the hive ship above Earth-- Ronon, Teyla, Lorne, and McKay enter the gate to infiltrate the hive ship. Meanwhile, Sheppard separately infiltrates the hive with his F-302 through the Dart bay, unbeknownst to the rest of the team. In a desperate battle onboard the hive ship, Ronon is stabbed in a fight with two Wraith warriors. The knife has pierced his lung and he dies from the resulting blood loss; with Teyla and McKay visibly upset, Lorne forces them to leave his body behind.

Atlantis fighting the Z.P.M Powered Wraith Hive Ship Above Earth

Back on Atlantis, with the hyperdrive out of commission, Zelenka proposes activating a highly experimental and potentially dangerous drive based on the same wormhole technology as the Stargate. With it, they could potentially reach Earth in seconds. On the hive ship, just as Sheppard is about to activate his nuke, he is stopped by a radio transmission from McKay who suggests activating it by remote, allowing the team to escape through the Stargate to the Alpha site. Sheppard and the team return for Ronon's body, only to discover Kenny the Wraith has revived Ronon for interrogation; the team is able to rescue Ronon.

The senior Atlantis staff on a balcony overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge at the end of Enemy at the Gate.

However, Sheppard and his team run out of time as they attempt to reach the gate and stopped in a corridor, Sheppard prepares to activate the nuke with all of them still onboard. Thankfully, Atlantis arrives in position between the Hive and Earth to buy them more time. Atlantis takes the brunt of the hive ship's assault on Earth and launches a barrage of drones in retaliation. The sheer force of the Hive's weapons fire is pushing the city ship into Earth's atmosphere, and it is straining on the shields. With little power left, Beckett can either adjust the course of Atlantis, or keep firing at the enemy ship; Woolsey gives the order to keep firing. The team manages to escape, and the nuke successfully detonates, destroying the hive ship, but Atlantis is now forced to make a landing through Earth's atmosphere, risking burning up during re-entry.

Everyone at Stargate Command waits for news with bated breath, but erupts into celebration when Atlantis lands successfully over water. Although the re-entry caused a giant fireball across the sky, the city is able to cloak before landing, and the area in which they land is placed under naval quarantine, so for now at least, Earth's population is still in the dark.John visits Todd, who still locked in a holding room. Todd boasts about his help in saving Earth because of his ZPMs and asks if John has come to kill him, John does not respond. Ronon is visited in his infirmary bed by Amelia Banks, who takes him to join the rest of the senior Atlantis staff on a balcony overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

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The Asgard contact Stargate Command to tell them to rendezvous at the Asgard homeworld, because they have news of great importance to share. During the boring journey, Vala arranges a surprise birthday party for Daniel, to which he responds with annoyance—since it is not his birthday (and she is only trying to alleviate her own boredom).

SG-1 and General Landry travel on the Odyssey to the Asgard home world of Orilla. They are greeted by Thor, who announces that Earth will be given a complete Asgard database and central computer, as well as several extremely advanced upgrades, including weapons and shields. Thor explains that the Asgard's final attempt to fix their inherent gene degradation was a failure, and as a result the entire Asgard race has contracted a terminal illness. The damage from years of such experiments is so severe that they are unable to ascend. However, rather than allowing themselves to slowly die out and have their technology plundered, the Asgard people have decided to give their most sophisticated technology and their entire knowledge base to the Tau'ri, whom Thor finally calls the "fifth race", before they will commit an act of mass suicide.As the final installations are completed, three Ori motherships exit hyperspace and attack the Odyssey. The Asgard beam off the ship, and the Odyssey flees. One Ori ship follows, the others turning on the Asgard. However, the Asgard destroys their own planet, wiping themselves out. With the Odyssey's shields damaged and the hyperdrive temporarily unusable because of the planet's destruction, General Landry orders that they come about and use the new, untested weapons. This succeeds in penetrating the shields of the Ori mothership and destroying it.

After entering hyperspace, Colonel Carter discovers some strange readings from the new hyperdrive system, and suggests that they stop using it. Immediately after exiting hyperspace, two more Ori battlecruisers emerge. After quickly re-entering hyperspace, Carter realizes that the Ori battlecruisers are tracking the energy signature of the Asgard-modified propulsion system. With no alternative, General Landry orders them to head for the nearest planet with an active Stargate and off-load the Odyssey's crew.SG-1 and General Landry remain on board as Carter tries to disconnect the hyperdrive from the Asgard computer core, which she hoped would prevent the Ori from tracking the ship. The process is time-consuming, and the Ori ships quickly catch up to resume the attack. The Odyssey takes several beam shots to the shields causing increasing reflexive damage, and General Landry orders that Odysseys fire be concentrated on only one target. The Asgard energy weapons penetrate the Ori mothership's shields, inflicting serious damage. The Odysseys shields fail as a final beam is sent out by the remaining Ori ship. However, before the beam makes contact, Carter activates a time dilation field around the ship—one of the new features of the Asgard technology.

Within the time dilation field, time passes in such a way that years may go by while fractions of a second pass by outside the field. Safe for the time being, Carter is able to work on several theories to allow the team to leave the Odyssey before the beam hits, or to jump the ship out of phase before the beam makes contact. However, all of her simulations produce the same result: the destruction of the ship, the death of all on board, and the loss of all of the Asgard's knowledge. Stuck until they are able to figure out a new solution, SG-1 prepares for a long wait. With a ZPM and the Asgard power core to power the time dilation field and the new Asgard technology synthesizing food, supplies and oxygen, they are able to live on the ship indefinitely.

During their initial months on board, Vala repeatedly tries to seduce Daniel, while he continues to repel her advances. Finally, after three months, Daniel angrily confronts Vala for what he believes to be her insincerity, teasing, and mocking of him. He says they could never have a serious romantic relationship, that he couldn't even imagine them having one, and did not believe she ever thought of them seriously having a relationship. Vala is greatly upset by his words, making him realize that she really does care for him and was sincere. They share a passionate embrace. The next scene sees a somewhat disheveled Vala leaving Daniel's cabin as Mitchell jogs past, seemingly nonplussed at the sight.

Vala volunteers to help Sam, hypothesizing that they could reverse time in the field up to the point they left the Asgard home world, and then disable the hyperdrive—but Sam rules this out as impossible.Years pass, as each member of the team attempts to deal with their isolation. General Landry develops a gardening hobby; Carter learns how to play the cello; Daniel continues to work on translating information in the database; Teal'c trains; and Daniel and Vala develop their relationship. Mitchell spends much time jogging through the ship, growing more frustrated and angry as the years pass. Scenes show him wrecking his cabin, and sitting in a 302, contemplating escape (followed by quick death). He and Teal'c train together. Amanda Tapping has said that she envisioned Teal'c and Sam forming a romantic relationship, and she and Chris Judge subtly played their scenes that way. In another scene, Daniel holds a crying Vala. In the DVD episode commentary, the writer of the episode said that he envisioned that scene to be their reaction to Vala having gotten pregnant and losing the baby. After many years, General Landry succumbs to old age and dies. Teal'c changes very little, except for a small gray streak in his hair.

After fifty years, with everybody besides Teal'c aging greatly, Sam finally figures out how to reverse time within a localized field. By reversing time back to slightly before the point of dilation, they can stop the program being activated and use a new program Sam has written onto a crystal to quickly disconnect the Asgard computer core from the hyperdrive in seconds. Unfortunately, in a last, cruel irony, the ship's power supplies no longer have enough energy to complete the plan, due to the constant drain of maintaining the time dilation field over decades.

However, Mitchell directs Sam's attention to the Ori energy beam; he theorizes that by deactivating the dilation field and allowing the beam to hit, they can channel the beam's power to the core. The dilation field would reverse, and they would go back in time; everything would be undone. However, there are two problems. First, the ship will be destroyed by the blast, and if the time reversal does not activate quickly enough, the destruction will not be reversed. Second, the reversal of the time field will mean the loss of any memories of what happened over the past fifty years. One person will have to remain behind, protected within a separate field, staying aged so as to retain the memories necessary to perform the rescue. Teal'c, who as a Jaffa has a much longer lifespan than the other members of the team, volunteers. As the group prepares their plan, Vala and Daniel exchange a last embrace, assuring each other of their love. When everything is in place, they deactivate the time dilation field.As the ship explodes around Teal'c, time begins to slow, stop and finally reverses. The ship re-forms, the beam withdraws, and time is re-set. Teal'c prevents Colonel Carter from activating the time dilation field and gives her the control crystal that disconnects the Asgard computer core from the hyperdrive. They leave before they are destroyed, saving themselves and the Asgard's legacy.

Back at the SGC, Teal'c refuses to reveal any of the events on the ship to the others, much to Vala's disappointment. However, Daniel jokes that Teal'c revealed to him several bits of good advice that Daniel read in the Asgard database in the alternate timeline (they're really just common aphorisms). SG-1 contemplates these words of wisdom—among them "life is short"—as they prepare for another mission. As the episode—and the series—comes to a close, the team says "indeed" all at once, General Landry wishes the team God-speed, and SG-1 steps through the gate on their next mission.http://

Quotes Edit

Thor: "You are the Fifth Race. Your role is clear. If there is any hope in preserving the future, it lies with you and your people."
Carter: NO pressure huh.

Thor: "As a race, we are dying. Very soon, we will all be gone."

Thor: You have earned my respect and my friendship.
Carter: Well, that feeling's mutual.

Daniel: "I mean, all they wanted to do was live a little longer. We're no different. Sequence DNA. Cure diseases. One fatal mistake, and they doom their entire race. I guess no matter what you do, at the end of the day…life is too short."

Thor: My only regret is that our physical weakness have left us not being able to help you any further.
(Sam hugs Thor)

Daniel: Yes, you proved yourself trustworthy in professional level, which, I'm very proud of you, but on personal level? Come on Vala, gimme a break!
Daniel: I mean on the inside you're just an emotional wreck! I'm not saying I'm any better, I'M NOT saying I'm any better.

Daniel: And this how sexual flurting is just so you can laugh at my expense, and you know what the worst part is? It's YOU know that!

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